No online advertising campaign should exclude social media these days. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for much of today’s Internet traffic. And thanks to the vast amounts of information they gather about their users, and their complete social graphs, it is no wonder advertisers will spend $32.91 Billion dollars on social media ads in 2016, and almost 25% more in 2017.

There are many reasons why you may wish to advertise on social media then, but according to our experience running Harrenmedia’s SocialMe division, which helps advertisers run successful campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, these are the most significant ones:

You can Target your Exact Audience

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram allow you to target your audience like no other online or offline platforms. This is because they gather lots of information about their users. When you create ads on social media, you can choose to target groups by demographic information like age, location and gender; interests; behavior; similarities to other audiences, or a combination of some or all these factors. This way you can make sure your message will reach the people you wish to address in the format you choose.

It’s the Best Path to Reach Mobile Users

Social networks are the best way to reach people on their mobiles. According to Facebook’s own data, as much as 90% of its users visit the social network on their smartphones or tablets, and 54.1% do so exclusively on a mobile device. For Twitter the number is quite similar, as 85% of the social network’s users visit it on a mobile device, according to the Wall Street Journal. While mobile traffic is higher on other platforms such as mobile search too, the difference between desktop and tablet and smartphone users is much lower, meaning the odds of finding mobile users on social networks is higher. Besides, running search or display advertising aimed at social audiences will require you to be totally optimized for those platforms, whereas on social networks the bar to get good results is lower.

You’ll Get High (and Very Trackable) Conversion Rates

Conversion tracking is much easier on social media than on other platform. And due to the wide range of ads you can create, you can also get some very detailed information that will allow you to set goals as varied as to drive traffic to your site, generate subscriptions, sales, engage into conversations with customer support representatives or bots, get calls, video views, and a lot more, and always measure the effectiveness and ROI of your campaign and of every individual ad.

Social Networks are the Perfect for Building Brand Awareness

Social media works especially well when you intend to build brand awareness or special promotions targeting a specific niche, or even a massive audience. This is because, unlike search campaigns, which will reach people already looking for a product or service, social networks will allow you to serve people who are not looking for anything in particular.

You Choose the Right Format for your Ads

Only social networks will enable you to advertise your brand, product or service in such a flexible way. Every time you run an ad, you can choose whether to use an image, a video, text, or an interactive format like a poll, a contest, or rich media, among many other formats. If you wish to reach your audience in your very unique way, social media is the way to go.



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