Is real-time marketing which matters?

Oct 7, 2015 | News

Real – time marketing offers the possibility to generate an impact among users who would be able to turn into potential clients, at the moment someting important “happens” and could be related to the brand.

Live advertising is an issue that each day, is much more present than we think. Twitter, for example is by definition, a real time network. Microblogging gives us several options to link our campaign with what is happening at any specific time.

Its effectiveness is demonstrated. For example, when our favourite football team plays a derby or a championship final, its performance becomes into trending topic undoubtedly. If our campaign is linked to that event, we can take advantage on the ocasion and launch our offer.

If we choose to make a link between twitter and the tv, the effectiveness is even higher. Our advertisment will be shown at a real time, depending on the conversation generated around the topic, and the hashtags being used.

According to this, google is an example to follow. Through the doodles that are updated almost every day, not only are users surprised, but they are also generating multiple online conversations and enhancing its position. A simple action that turns into great results.

So, does it really matter?

Statics show 84% of the Smartphone and Tablet users are watching tv while operating those devices. Consequently a real time fact will have an impact on Google and social networks.

We have to add on this an important event. Let’s bring back the sports example: usually we can see how the viewers share their thoughts in forums, social networks, or search for historical statistics whereas they are watching their team play.

A successfull case was during the last World Cup. An hour after Luis Suarez had bitten Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini , a subsidiary of McDonald’s in Uruguay tweeted: “Hi @luis16suarez, if you go hungry come and take a bite of a Big Mac.” The tweet generated 78,000 RT and 30,000 favorites.

It was certainly a smart move from the company, based on the issue that caused the uruguayan football player suspension.

With this example, what we want to point out, is that real time marketing allows to get a social business that takes advantage on the speed of specific events. Besides, the audience can shopp while interacting with the information provided.

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