Native contextual ads are one of the most effective ways to reach your brand’s target audience in a seamless and unintrusive way. However, rules with this kind of ads are quite different. Read along and learn how to make the best of your Native Ad campaigns.

Know your audience

First off, you should know who you are talking to. So make sure to create content that will appeal to that segment with articles and topics related to their interests.

Know your publishers

The best way to get positive results is for your native ads to blend with the publishers’ organic content. So make sure they are written in a similar style as the sites they will be displayed on.

native adsDon’t promote your brand directly

These are not traditional banner ads. So you shouldn’t be salesy. Rather, try to add value for your audience by creating original and interesting content that has some relation with your brand. Prioritize building a relationship with readers over creating an instant impact.

Remember your disclosure

Nothing upsets consumers more than secrets. So don’t be shy about the fact your content is a native ad. Disclose it, and be open about it.

Native advertising is the most efficient way to reach your target audience and position your brand these days. But for it to work correctly and for you to maximize your investment, you need to use it in the right way. Harrenmedia has its own Native Ads unit, which is generating great traction and user interaction. Click here to learn more, and to try it out yourself on your brand.

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