There is a reason why rich media is the latest trend in mobile marketing. These ads, which use all sorts of media like text, audio, and even HD video, go further than conventional advertising, as they let audiences to interact with them in several ways. For example, by expanding the message, by placing a phone call with just a tap, by having users fill a form, or by launching a chat with a chatbot, among many other options.

Creating Rich Media ads is not as easy as with other formats, and it usually requires more work on the advertiser’s side. However, when well implemented, results usually pay off. Measured in interactions, according to eMarketer, these ads boast an average 16.85% engagement rate, in some categories like Sports, they soar to impressive figures of up to 30%. In terms of CTR, these ads perform up to 237% better than classic display ads.

Based on Harrenmedia’s experience delivering successful rich media ads on various social networks, we recommend a few formats that work great engaging audiences, and producing results.

High Quality Video

Few formats are as appealing as HD video. Videos have longer lasting effects on people minds and they work better at delivering your brand’s message. You can use video mostly to position brands, but they even work great to drive sales, as 52% of consumers claim they are more confident making a purchase after watching a video. If you choose this path, you should mind that people play videos for an average of 32 seconds, and take up to 15 seconds to get engaged.

Interactive Galleries

Your ads may expand into a beautiful image gallery, or other visual formats like canvases. This way, you’ll be able to display more information in a more attractive way. This will no longer give you a bit of extra time to reach your audience with your message, but it will also boost engagement. A similar option is to add 360 degree viewers on your ads.

Have Users Place Calls or Start Chats

Another popular option, especially when it comes to promoting local businesses, is to create ads that allow audiences to start a call or a chat with a sales representative (or chatbot) just tapping a button. Placing these ads can be tricky, though, as you must take geolocation into account as much as other demographic information.

Capture Leads and User Information

A fourth format worth mentioning, is the possibility to embed a short form on your ads, allowing your users to subscribe to a newsletter, take part on a contest or quiz, do a poll, or offer exclusive content or products to people who fill them. Bear in mind that forms must be short, and ads well targeted, as otherwise conversion rate might be close to zero.

These are just a few examples, as rich media ads are so amazing they will let you do pretty much anything, like including maps, games, and add pretty much any other type of content to your ads. You should always remember, though, to test your ideas, and spend the right amount to get a fast return of investment.



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