Programmatic Ads are one of the biggest trends in online advertising. And this is no coincidence. These ads use complex algorithms to search for the right spot for our ads among thousands of publishers on computer run ad exchanges, allowing advertisers to reach the right audience, at the right time, for the lowest price possible.

Used for display ads, this technology removes the human factor from the ad buying process, and automatizes the whole thing, making it a lot more dynamic and efficient. Humans, however, are still necessary, as they play a key role not just in the definition and control of a strategy, but also in its optimization.

According to Business Insider, Programmatic Advertising accounted for 53% of all digital advertising in 2015, and will grow to be more than 65% by 2020.  Additionally, eMarketer estimates that in just two years three of every four dollars spent on display advertising in the US will go to Programmatic.

But when should you use this kind of advertising? And what kind of results can you expect from it? Read on to find out what we’ve learned from our experience with Harrenmedia’s Programmatic Marketing Platform.

They allow to you to target your users on the right spot, at the right time

Programmatic Ads are the greatest tool when it comes to reaching specific consumer niches with your ads, regardless if you are targeting a particular demographic, location, or device and ecosystem. Or all. With programmatic ads you can make sure to reach the right users at the right moment, with the right ad for the phase of the purchase funnel they are going through.

They allow advertisers to serve different ads to different groups within their audience

This specificity when it comes to defining target audiences, allow advertisers to serve different ads to different niches, or to people at different stages of the purchase decision process. You should take advantage of this, and create different ads that engage each set of users best. For example, if you are selling a soap made for women, you could easily create ads for consumers who have children, and a different ad for those who don’t.

They work across multiple platforms

Programmatic Ads work great on desktop and mobile devices. In fact, they often do a better job than other advertising channels, as they are capable of identifying each device with far more accuracy, and develop higher granularity when it comes to serving banner ads.

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