Copa America 2015, Accelerating Regional Advertising

Jun 12, 2015 | News

Pablo Potente

CEO Harrenmedia

Chile is hosting the Copa América 2015, and an enthusiastic audience of the most popular sport will pass hours in front of their television or computer screen, tablet and smartphone in order to know every detail of their game of choice. Yes, I said it, users will be present, simultaneously, on at least 2 screens at the same time.

While watching a game, it is common for a viewer to comment on social media networks through a smartphone, find historical information on players, coaches or enjoy applications where fans compete with each other through messages and hashtags. They transform into “prosumers” (producers and consumers) of digital content.

Tournaments like the Copa America are ideal moments for the advertising industry, because the user wants to share across multiple platforms. It isn’t strange to see messages and visual advertisements placed across written press, television and the internet.

Regarding digital advertising, advertisers enjoy generating original ads and rich media that will engage viewers with the brand according to screen size, operating system and geolocalization.

For the Copa América 2015 in Chile, the digital advertising industry in Latin America will aim to establish itself as one of the main investment channels for brands associated with the sport.

After a dreamy 2014, when the world watched the Winter Olympic Games, the World Cup Brazil, and more classic, annual events such as the Super Bowl, it was clear that users definitively adopted the web as information display and sports entertainment, the smartphone being the device of choice.

From the Harrenmedia viewpoint, during the World Cup Brazil, investment rose an average of 200% with respect to the same month the previous year, while the audience increased 450%. You couldn’t ask for more.

The preference for smartphones is largely due to the apparent increase in connection quality and the remarkable enlargement in screen size of the cell phone. It is no coincidence that brands such as Samsung and Apple have bet on larger devices: they bet on video. Mexico is the largest investor in mobile, spending 30% of the budget on digital ads, according to Emarketer.

According to data released by Adobe Digital Index, on the days of big games, users share videos 69% more than other days.

The Copa América 2015 will display Latin America’s growing audience, that currently represents 10% of viewers worldwide, or 176.3 million users.  This number is growing at a steady rate of 17% annually and each user’s average time online is gradually increasing.

In terms of content, soccer is one of the fastest growing verticals in the region. with a global average of 42.8 minutes per month, Latin America surpasses this number and settles in at 45.8 minutes per month. According to Comscore, the leading media groups in the past 12 months for Spanish-Speaking Sports in Latin American were ESPN, Futbol Sites (FSN), MSN Sports, Ole/Grupo Clarín and Marca Sites.

In the 2014 World Cup, the region accomplished the best historical record of all on the soccer field, with Argentina in the lead – making it to the finals – with a reach of 63%, who was followed by Chile, 62.3%, Uruguay 61.8% and Brazil, 56.6%.

As you can see, when 22 players take to the field, they are not alone. They are joined by transmission technologies, creative advertising, application creators and brands eager to connect with fans.

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