4 ways to optimize your investment in mobile PPC campaigns

Oct 12, 2015 | News

When we talk about promoting a campaign, PPC ads have uncountable advantages. They save money and allow us to know with certainty, the results of the scope it has. In a previous publication, we talked about the mistakes we must avert when choosing this method.

In this post, we take the opportunity to talk about the most effective ways to optimize a mobile PPC ad.

  • Optimize the keywords

When we create a new campaign, it is important to outline the keywords according to the goals we want to achieve and then, seize the results so that we can recognize which ones generate more traffic and which ones do not. After this process, the best thing to do will be to take out those words with a lower performance and replace them with the ones that work best.

The more conversations we generate, the better our business will result. When we choose our advertisment keywords properly, we can accomplish a good CTR (Clic Through Rate). Besides, because of the quality we are offering, Google will have to charge us less per clic.

  • Segmentation

There are several segmentation methods, one of the most recommended is the geolocation. This practise will help us to define our audience, according to the geographical area in where it is located.

We must add on this strategy, the specific schedule in which our potential customers, generate more web search traffic. That is the time when our advertisments will have to be much more present.

  • To size the conversations we generate

We have a wide number of tools to analyze the results that are generated by our advertisments and to give them a proper follow up. We also count on several tools which can give us specific results, such as Yahoo Search and Google.

There are other web analysis programs that can be set up to mesure the results between our sales performance, potential customers and the payment per clic advertising. This operation will help us tu adjust our ROI (Return On Investment), if it is required.

  • Effective design on your landig page

An easy navigation web page , plus headlines, pictures and attractive buttons, will catch the visitor. Once we hook him, we can persuade him with the content we pubblish and offer benefits and promotions.

Through PPC campaigns, we have the chance to send the visitors to the exact page we want them to enter, with de lowest number of clics.

It is very important for us to remember, that our Landing Page must be adapted to the screen layout of mobile devices, so that the Internet user can easily find what is looking for and even buy it in an effective way. This will bring us great benefits such us, an increasing number of sales and a wider customer data base.

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